About Us

On the gaming platform MyFirst11, players from all across India can experience the exhilarating virtual world of the thrilling game of Cricket.

MyFirst11 was founded in India in 2022 and is a product of Mr. Rinku Kumari. Our staff has a close link and is committed to improving the MyFirst11 platform in order to give users a top-notch gaming experience and keep them interested in this virtual gaming world.

Our journey begins with creating an information superhighway by gathering opinions and suggestions from seasoned gamers to improve our platform. The committed team working on new ideas, designs, and software development to unify groupware regularly contributes to the platform's construction.

What sets us apart?

You can create a dynamic team mode on the MyFirst11 platform with a minimum of 1 player and a maximum of 11 players. The number of teams that can be created is unlimited.


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